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Do you have big dreams for yourself, your family and your business and don’t want anything to stop you from achieving them?

While you work hard every day, sometimes life throws you a curveball, something unexpected, that can stop you in your tracks.

With proper planning and the financial protection that insurance provides, you can deal with life’s unexpected curveballs, without emptying your bank account.

Even better- in Canada all payouts of insurance benefits are TAX FREE and are paid directly to your beneficiaries. That means you and your family receive the much needed financial protection and an infusion of cash, just when you need it the most.

Whether you need term life insurance to cover your mortgage debt, income protection to preserve your future earning power, or a health plan to pay for everyday medical expenses- learn what your options are from an experienced insurance advisor. Set up a customized insurance plan to protect your finances and your future.

Aviva is an Insurance Advisor who truly cares about her clients and their families – their health, financial wellbeing and future.“ – A.L., Toronto

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